Top 10 Review Android Root Apps

Root Master app Unlock Root is one of the wellappsown and best rooting app in the entire Android community. This helps in unlocking about 250 different Android devices from every manufacturer point of view. Once you request, one can root without any failure. After the download process, one can connect to the smartphone. Also, can […]

z4root app

z4root is one of the oldest, the strong and most powerful apps available for free. This app supports multiple devices and also consider to root the old mobiles without any failure. z4root is designed in such a way where one can run on different platforms without any difficulty. If the user is looking for the […]

Universal Androot app APK

Universal Androot is again one of the best-rooted apps that can help in rooting the several Android devices without the need of a PC. One can access and root the device successfully. There are several versions supported for Universal Androot app, but we do recommend that use the latest version of Androot APK, based on […]

Supersu Pro root app

SuperSu is again one of the major best-rooted apps. This helps to grant the permission or one can deny the access to root. This records the user’s choice and allows the app for accessing without prompting. This also provides the log for root access available in all the Android devices. This is one of the excellent choices […]

Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps for rooted android available for all the users. The App is designed in such a way, where it provides the control over the complete permissions for the apps you install in you are a device. One can delete the multiple adds, change and update the permissions, […]