Top 10 Review Android Root Apps

Root Master app

Unlock Root is one of the wellappsown and best rooting app in the entire Android community. This helps in unlocking about 250 different Android devices from every manufacturer point of view. Once you request, one can root without any failure.

After the download process, one can connect to the smartphone. Also, can run the program, unlock to grant the root access for the phone in a fraction of minutes. The only problem is owner will always try to grab the code on their own. The user can download from the below link and access to it anywhere and anytime.

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GMD Gesture Control Lite

This is the control device provided with multi touch and multi task gestures which are very similar to iPad. It works in all the applications and considered as a lite version of GMD Gesture control. It supports the added version 10.0.0.

You simply download the GMD Gesture Control Lite app full version from the below download link.