Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps for rooted android available for all the users. The App is designed in such a way, where it provides the control over the complete permissions for the apps you install in you are a device. One can delete the multiple adds, change and update the permissions, can create the backups and so on. One has to root the device for sure to enjoy such kind of advanced features without any failure.

Once you open the Lucky patcher, can view the various list including the other different apps installed in the device. The user has to tap one among the available multiple options without any failure likewise analyzing the app information, uninstall it, one can delete the advanced data, also can access to the other special tools involved in it. This has the special option of controlling all the apps installed in you are an Android device. For providing such control, rooting the device is necessary and has to access all the advanced features.